Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires Series #4)

Hard Bitten - Chloe Neill

I picked up the next 3 books after reading book 1 in hopes that this series would improve in writing and characterization... I am pained to report that it just continues to be atrocious.


The writing is abysmal, it is stilted and awkward with sentences that just don't make sense and the same wording over and over again, book after book. The authoress also glosses over political schemes and actions scenes are horribly narrated. And since this books are all told from Merit's POV sometimes it reads more like diary entries than anything else.

Also, I must say that the lack of emotion in the writing is appalling, this books read like the first manuscript of this series and not the finish product of having been re-written and then edited by a professional editor.


Now, don't even get me started on the pathetic attempts at giving this characters personality, everyone in this series is just a cardboard cutout and the authoress does whatever she wants with them without any regard for personality or establish personal traits.


Merit is supposed to be this smart badass girl but really she is just a try hard woman who doesn't know what she wants. I am also upset at the cultural appropriation that goes on with her getting a katana, couldn't she have gotten a rapier?


Ethan is the one of the most pathetic male love interest I have ever read, he is supposed to be this great self possessed man but really he doesn't know if up is down or who he is. Everyone intimidates him, this guy is a 400 year old vamp and he is scare of "humans" and outmaneuver by idiots. He also has serious issues with knowing what he wants and acts like a teenager when it comes to his relationship with Merit. Yet we are supposed to believe he is this great alpha male who is awesome at anything and everything.The rest of the supporting cast are just puppets so forget about them, they only exist to fill up space and annoys us.


Gosh, what a disappointment of a series.