Slammed (Slammed, #1)

Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover ****There is going to be some cussing happening here, nothing major but this book illicited some passionate reactions from me***Allright, so I gotta be honest here, the beginning was slow, I laughed at some points but I wasn't sold on it. Will and Layken meet, which was cute, they go to the store together and it was okay but I am still having lukewarm feelings, then they go on a date and I honestly found some parts quite awkward. Let me tell you that there is insta-love in this book, I always side eye insta-love so hard.So at this point, I have this face onUploaded with ImageShack.usand thinking that the book has been way over hype and that I am going to end up NOT liking it. But I stick around because the blurb promise me some serious drama that would force Will and Layken to break up and stuff. And then...the drama happensUploaded with ImageShack.usand I was like.Uploaded with ImageShack.usNo, shit! Are you fucking kidding me? This is fucking mess up!This is the point where the story is really happening. I am at edge of my seat, one wrong move and shit will hit the fan and it is going to end up RUINING people's LIVES, folks. I love the way Colleen develops them at this point, the insta-love part is fading fast and they are actually developing a strong connection. I see Layken go from immature little girl to really understanding WHY Will and her just CAN'T be together at this juncture of their lives. And she really pushes the envelop this Layken girl, I keep thinking she is going to fuck up everything but thankfully it doesn't happen and she grows up.And Will, well WOW Layken just can't do any better when it comes to the guy department, he is really great and terribly supportive emotionally when it comes to all the shit that is about to come down over Layken head. I thought both their little brothers where well written and they where extremely entertaining. Now, I have to confess to you that I didn't really dig the whole slam poetry part of the book but I think its really just me. So yeah, I need the sequel.Uploaded with