Utter garbage!

Close Liaisons  - Dima Zales, Anna Zaires

So I picked up this book because I was promised hot alien sex and whenever  I get promise sex I jump right into a book. This book was beyond the pale in the shitty department however.


Mia is a high ranking idiot and Korum is an asshole of epic proportions that stalks Mia, practically kidnaps her at one point and frightens her out of her mind so much that in an effort to stop his advancements she decides to give him what he wants hoping he will then leave her alone.


First time sex is beyond  horrific, the author describes it as Mia being in "agonizing" pain when he penetrates and being battered by a "hot baseball" when he is inside her. Any sex they have is always uncomfortable because he is so "big" and she is always initially in pain. Not to mention that spends the entire book frightened out of her wits with him and his unpredictable mood swings.


I am so glad I got it as a freebie for Kindle.