Entwined with You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #3)

Entwined with You - Sylvia Day

Wow, and Sylvia Day continues to surprise me with her deft touch at portraying this relationship without shying away from the ugly, the bad and the truly great.


So many author's just sell you this relationships where everything is roses and rainbows and butterflies. Where no one ever gets mad or distrust their partner or where they never, ever fight at all and no one has any hang ups at all. Those relationships are not reality, a relationship is the merger or two people and those people are individuals with different views on love and how to express it.


Eva and Gideon are two people who love each other immensely but they are also people who have been terribly hurt by events in their life. This abuse is bound to affect their relationship, I am so happy that Day does not take the easy way out and solves everything through sex and gives us a happy ending where unicorns run around shooting rainbows out of their asses. Eva and Gideon have to work for their happiness and to keep their love and that is why I love this series.


I really enjoyed how Sylvia Day also captured the deepening of their relationship in the intimacy of their sexual relationship. So many author just don't know how to properly portrayed this and failed miserably. But Day has done brilliantly, from portraying first time sex to the intimacy that makes it better when you know, trust and love that person.


Sylvia Day also played on all my romantic hang ups, really what's more romantic than eloping and marrying on the beach I think that was beyond perfect, better than anything more elaborate. I mean, I know I said that I agreed with Eva's mom that living together with Gideon was too soon but Sylvia and Gideon made me "revisit and revise" ( XD ) Really, I am hooked on this relationship and series. I am really happy there is more books ahead.