Shadows (A Lux Novella)

Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout 5 starsWhile I didn't like Bethany as much as I liked Katy this book really shed light into the triplets relationship, the bond they share as a family and how Daemon works internally. Dawson and Daemon couldn't be anymore different yet they are twins, identical and where once a single in their mother's womb. I got to hand it to Armentrout, she did an amazing job at giving each triplet a different personality and writing out their family interaction.That last final chapter was heart wrenching, losing a sibling hurts awful but imagine losing the person with whom you share a womb with. The person who was once a single cell before it split apart in the womb and became two. The pain is immense and the agony unending. It really shows you all the reasons why Daemon was so hostile towards Katy and fought their relationship at every turn. Honestly, that last chapter made me cry.