Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout 3.95 starsI was pleasantly surprised with this book, I honestly had very low expectations but it was really good. I still think that Authoress Armentrout is overworked and she is churning out books way too fast, but this first installment into the Arum series was really good and it really compliments the Luxen novels. Just a heads up for all those young reader jumping over from the Luxen series, this book is NOT YA, this is most definitely adult fiction and there is explicit sex happening here between two consenting adults. So if you are squeaked out by that ( Heh! Who am I kidding, that might just encourage you to read it.) you might need to re-think reading this one. There is also some extreme violence and a lot of swearing, this series is darker than the Luxen one.Serena and HunterSerena is a likable girl, she makes all the sane responses to the shit going on around her. Calls Hunter on his shit, makes her own decisions and yes, she made some stupid ones but really, she is in way over head when it comes to what is happening.Hunter is an over bearing, domineering, asshole of an Alpha male. I really hated him at first, he rude, bossy and tended to manhandle Serena whenever she threw very understandable fits. And now you are going to tell me "What the hell, Nina, how can you possibly like this asshole of an alien( XDDD )." And I would have agreed but halfway through the book Hunter really redeems himself and somehow his bad behaviour fits him way more than Daemon's because of what he is, Arum nature is thoroughly explore in this book and we finally get to know this feared arch enemy of the Luxen.The PlotThe Luxen and Arum series are so very, very obviously PNR and most of the story revolves around the main couple but we got a good background on the "war" that is happening between the Luxen and Arum. Of course, I feel that the info dump could have been done better but still, Hunter shed light into this intergalactic war. My one complain is if you read this book you will be spoiled for the 4 book of the Luxen series, I didn't really like that. As a reader, you always need some mystery to forward.The Prose still lacked and I honestly think this is the product of Authoress Armentrout being overwork and churning out books like crazy to meet all her deadlines. However once you get into the groove of things you kind of forget really.So, yeah, I want the next one.Uploaded with ImageShack.us