Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn *****Major spoilers and tons of swearing and anger, you have been warned***This book has made me so angry I honestly wanted to start punching people in the face. I found it OFFENSIVE the way that Avery's raped was dealt with, the way Cameron PUSHED for the truth when he could clearly see it on her and the way EVERYONE blamed Avery for being a coward but nobody saw the courage it took to go off by herself and live alone. Also, Avery NEVER truly recovered from what happened, so Cameron to be angry because she doesn't TRUST him is horribly insulting. There was also the same factor that was completely ignored by him, in a way he made Avery feel guilty for not confiding in him. This all made me so angry, when that kind of violence touches a persons life they are NEVER the same again. Avery was the victim of a horrifically violent crime, later she was bullied consistently FOR YEARS and then she tried to kill herself. But all of this is sort of swept under the rug by the author, when Avery opens to Cameron about what happened, not even mentioning that he pushed, and pushed, and pushed for it when HE KNEW and heavily suspected what had happened to her, its all treated like a magic cure. Avery just got better, everything is okay now. But in reality she should really be barely moving on with what happened. Everyone can come and crucified me for this, but even if the author wrote it as FIVE YEARS went by when you do not counselling and you are constantly reminded of what happened no matter how long it goes by you are always being pulled back to that AWFUL time in your life. Avery's true recovery started when she left her parents and moved away but even then she never sought out ANY sort of help. She is in a very delicate emotional state yet its NOT written THAT way and when she chickened out of stuff Cam, who fucking suspects rape, just gets angry because she doesn't trust him and UGGGGGHHH!!!!!Uploaded with ImageShack.us