Opal (Lux Novel)

Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This review is painful to write because I have been waiting for Opal for SOOO long. But, alas, I cannot be anything but honest when it comes down to it.Katy, girlfriend, didn't you learn the first time? I thought we were past all the stupid decisions and not trusting Daemon on the ONE thing he is really good at: Risk Assement!Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Alas, that is the story of Katy's life during this book, which was rushed to printing in my opinion. Opal sadly pales in comparison to how awesome Onyx was, the writing declined sharply in this latest instalment of the series. I wish Authoress Armentrout would have shaken the comedy aspect of the series a bit and giving it a more somber take. Unfortunately, most of the time I am rolling my eyes at all the slang terms inserted at the most inconvenient moments when things are supposed to be tense. So let's break this down into segments:Katy really lost her spark and so did Daemon in this one. This two where practically two different people in this book, Daemon turned into some pumpkin pant wearing, white horse riding, prince charming and Katy lost her edge completely and the brains and wits that where her selling point in Obsidian and Onyx. They did horribly stupid things and their relationship lacked depth this time, instead of growing closer together it just felt like their intereactions where completely fueled by hormones so in the end when they got separated I didn't care much. Horrible, I know.The villains where a sad rehash from Onyx, seriously, I did not understand WHY Blake was double crossing everyone at the end. No new names are introduce, no new villains talk with our protagonist and really their motivations are left unexplained at best and we get no hint of anything bigger. Wait, I need a drink to continue writing this review and rage instead of crying.Uploaded with ImageShack.usOkay, so moving on.The plot to be perfectly honest, Opal's plot was thin and a re-hashed from Onyx which failed at answering questions or making you squirm. No new plot threads are introduce, absolutely NOTHING is explained and no new allies are gained. I mean, you would think that with the DOD capturing Luxen and forcing them to change humans a sort of resistance would have form already right? This would have been the perfect time to introduce that but we get NOTHING. Once again Opal was Onyx rehashed and regurgitated. Now, please excuse me while I go and find a corner in which to cry my eyes out on.