69%, 74%, 78%, 88%,

Burn for Me -  Ilona Andrews


His tongue thrust between my open lips, caressing , making me open 

wider for him, and seducing me into tasting him. A phantom fire spilled over the back of my neck, sliding over my throat like warm amber honey, slipping deep into my flesh, into my veins , and my skin all but sizzled with lust in its heated wake.




“We should have sex.”
I must’ve misheard. “I’m sorry, what?”
He glanced at me. His blue eyes were warm, as if heated from within. Wow.
“I said, we should have sex. You and me.”
“I’m attracted to you.” His voice was confident and assured, as if this whole conversation was simply a formality and he knew he would win in the end. “I know you’re attracted to me.”



“Your problem is that nobody ever tells you no. You think you can do whatever you want, enter wherever you want . . .”
“Seduce whoever we want.” He grinned, a wicked, wolfish smile.

This book is freaking awesome.



“Draw an amplification circle around me.”
...Amplification circle was magic 101. Small circle around the mage’s feet, larger circle around him, three sets of runes.

I geek out whenever Ilona Andrews gets all technical with magic. It shoes me they are thinking through their stories big time.