Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews


The heat slid down my neck, fast, over my spine, setting every single nerve on fire before melting in the small of my back, its echoes pulsing through me . My body sang. He’d strummed me like I was a guitar. I wanted him and I wanted him now.


“That was . . .” I saw his eyes. Words died.


All the hardness had vanished from his eyes. They were alive and heated from within. “You want me.”


“What?” The magic warmth slid over my shoulders, melting into pure pleasure.


“I feel the feedback.” He took a step toward me, grinning. “Nevada, you’re a liar.”


Uh-oh. I backed up. “What feedback?”


“When I do this . . .” The heated pressure zinged from my back up my ribs. I gasped. Oh dear God. “. . . what you feel loops back to me. I’m partially empathic.”


...He grinned, coming closer . “The hotter you are, the hotter I am. And you’re on fire.”