40%, 42%

Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews


He glanced at me, his eyes dark. “Would you rather talk about your dream?”
“Considering that I was featured in it, I think I deserve to know the particulars . Were my clothes missing because we were in bed? Was I touching you ?” He glanced at me. His voice could’ve melted clothes off my body. “Were you touching me?”

I need to open a window because it just got really hot in here.




Hearing his voice was like being caressed. Chains, I reminded myself. Basement. Psycho. Boundaries. Boundaries were good. “I thought about your offer.”
“I’m aflutter with anticipation.” Psycho who likes to mock me. Even better.




“Better you get Pierce, than us,” Grandma Frida said. “Because if Pierce shows up here again, we won’t be playing around.”
“After we’re done, we’ll put what’s left of him into a plastic grocery bag and you can take it to his family,” Mother promised.

Don't fuck around with mom and grandma or they'll send you to meet your maker.