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Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews



Blood slipped from his nostrils and slid down his face.

“Give up,” he growled.
“You first.”
It hurt. The weight was so heavy. My defenses quaked. My hands were shaking. Mad Rogan growled like an animal. It hurt him too.

I say Rogan didn't really want to hurt Nevada, he could have done worse. He thought if he apply a little bit of pain she would spill the beans, he didn't expect her to be so strong.




He pulled me like a magnet. Every female instinct I had went into overdrive.

Oh wow.


He cut right through the layers of civilization, politeness, and social snobbery to some preternatural female sense that said, “Dominant male. Danger. Power. Sex.”

In short form?

Rogan is a sexy beast.