Plain dumb book

RUIN (The RUIN Series Book 1) - Deborah Bladon

I picked up this book because I was very bore with my life this saturday. This book was really stupid but its saving grace is that it is not rage inducing.

Kayla has just broken up with her boyfriend and in her fly back home she meets this dude and she has sex with him. The problem with his scenario is that very little prelude is given before they have sex and it ends up reading forced and mechanical. The characters have no personality and everyone is basically carboard cutout.

The plot is the dumbmest crap, it reads like a really, really bad episode of Days of Our Lives. You have the feuding brothers, the friends who fall in love with the guys, the family drama from hell that is so badly paced and written you just yawned.

This book is so lame, I'm glad it was cheap.