The Richard Brittain case

So, there's another story going around involving another reviewer getting physically attacked. There's also some question as to the veracity, so i'm just going to put all the stuff I know here, and you guys can make up your own minds.


1. The review: (which mentions the attack at the end)


2. A longer, more detailed explanation (this isn't a case of two previously unknown people, they have some history of interaction, albeit unpleasant, on wattpad)


ETA: The comments here provide even more information. Brittain was detained and has been released on bail. Paige says they have strong evidence it was in fact him, and from our discussion in the comments, the incident was probably caught on CCTV. (Thanks Lora, Bettie and Dor for the more info.)


3. Some really scary (really, don't click this link if blood bothers you) photos of the injuries sustained.


4. The author accused of this, explaining his own bad behaviour (although not mentioning this incident) and the fact he's now seeking treatment for mental health issues. It does however mention that he went to Scotland.


5. The author accused of this, explaining his own extremely disturbing stalking behaviour (which resulted in the post in #4)


6. Some newspaper coverage on some of this:



My conclusion: 

These two have history, for sure. He's quite certainly dangerous. And someone fitting this guy's description cracked Paige across the head and left her needing a substantial amount of stitches. She's pretty sure it was him, but that is yet to be proven in any kind of legal fashion.

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