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The pacing was a no show in this book

Fluency - Jennifer Foehner Wells

God! I wanted this to work so bad but this is most boring book I have laid eyes on yet, seriously, it sounds lovely and fun in the blurb but you read it and it is sure to make you sleepy with all the stuff that is NOT happening. I am in serious need of a GOOD female led sci-fi but those are far and few in between all the male dominated series that annoyed me to hell and back.

So, so ending

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 - Whitney Gracia Williams

It was an okay ending, I didn't feel Andrew and Aubrey's relationship or that they loved each other. Everything read choppy and forced but I guess there was very little material left to work with.

“Just Say Hale No To The Taliban”

Trout Nation takes on Deb Smith's horrendous case of foot in mouth. Really, an infection that virulent should be quarantined.

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Disclaimer/Product warning

How about this as a disclaimer on all of my reviews from here on out:


Disclaimer: I hope you enjoyed my review, whether it was positive or negative. In the interest of transparency, you should know that I am not actually an owl, in spite of fact that my avatar (usually) shows a picture of one. Also, I frequently read during the day, and under conditions that include various sorts of incandescent and fluorescent lighting.


Warning: I write reviews for fun. I claim no special expertise in books or reviewing, and this review is not intended to represent the opinion of anyone other than myself. Should my review infuriate, or otherwise inflame your passions, I find that chocolate usually helps. If you decide to stalk me, I will help you out. I live on an acre in rural Oregon, I have dogs, and myself and most of my neighbors are armed. With guns. Because, you know, redneck Americans. Creeping around in my neighborhood is like to get you shot. Thanks!

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The Richard Brittain case

So, there's another story going around involving another reviewer getting physically attacked. There's also some question as to the veracity, so i'm just going to put all the stuff I know here, and you guys can make up your own minds.


1. The review: (which mentions the attack at the end)


2. A longer, more detailed explanation (this isn't a case of two previously unknown people, they have some history of interaction, albeit unpleasant, on wattpad)


ETA: The comments here provide even more information. Brittain was detained and has been released on bail. Paige says they have strong evidence it was in fact him, and from our discussion in the comments, the incident was probably caught on CCTV. (Thanks Lora, Bettie and Dor for the more info.)


3. Some really scary (really, don't click this link if blood bothers you) photos of the injuries sustained.


4. The author accused of this, explaining his own bad behaviour (although not mentioning this incident) and the fact he's now seeking treatment for mental health issues. It does however mention that he went to Scotland.


5. The author accused of this, explaining his own extremely disturbing stalking behaviour (which resulted in the post in #4)


6. Some newspaper coverage on some of this:



My conclusion: 

These two have history, for sure. He's quite certainly dangerous. And someone fitting this guy's description cracked Paige across the head and left her needing a substantial amount of stitches. She's pretty sure it was him, but that is yet to be proven in any kind of legal fashion.

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We are making this official and we hope you'll take this stand with us.

We as book bloggers will not give Kathleen Hale any publicity. No book tours, no interviews, no cover reveals, no reviews, not a shred of work from us. What she did is heinous and we can fight back in our own way. She has a new book coming out next year. Let's ignore it completely. 

Please join us. Come to Twitter & declare #HaleNo. Say No to Kathleen Hale.


(Credit to Cuddlebuggery for the epic tag)

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Petition to Goodreads: Safety First - Improve Privacy Options For Reviewers!

Sign & pass it along! 

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An Open Letter to Kathleen Hale & Guardian Books: Stalking Is Not Okay.

Kathleen Hale stalked a reviewer who gave her book 1 star. She defamed her, harassed her and turned up at her house, claiming she was 'catfishing' her.


What she did is not okay. It's never okay, and it wasn't okay for the Guardian to let her brag about it.


Oh, and she also cites Stop The Goodreads Bullies.


Read more on the site.

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And today our crazy author is: Kathleen Hale

Unbelievably scary and creepy stuff...

Another author whose works I will not touch...ever.

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Olga Filina of The Rights Factory Threatens Legal Action to Silence Me

Yesterday, I made a post about my rather unfortunate experiences as the client of one Olga Filina of the Rights Factory. Today, I received a rather unsettling email. Behold:



That's right, "legal options." I'm not entirely sure what she could justifiably sue me for, but that's not the point.


The point is that my immediate reaction was fear, and that's what this email is about. Look how she brings up my career and how I could "sabotage" it. (Note: Shotgun submissions can sabotage a person's career. Having your damn manuscript in the hands of fifty people at once can sabotage a person's career. You'll excuse me if I don't really think her concern is for me here.) 


What she wants is for me to be silent. To retract my post. To hide the truth. I'm not going to lie; this scares the bejeezus out of me. We don't have the money to deal with a lawsuit. I suppose I could just fold, just let her censor me. But no one ever speaks out against TRF's behavior. We're all afraid of exactly this, and not only do I not want people to have that kind of power over me, but I don't think I could live with myself if I went silent and allowed other people to put themselves in the line of fire. Because my silence means other people will be treated this way by TRF. 


I won't let other writers be hurt, no matter what the consequences for me. Hell, I'm not sure I want much to do with the industry after this, anyway. 


I have to wonder, what is she so afraid of? What did I say that could possibly bring TRF's law department down on me? After all, I'm just some nobody on the internet. 


This is a warning for all writers. Avoid The Rights Factory. One thing is for damn sure: They don't give a flying fuck about your rights.


(If you have the time and inclination, please signal boost. Writers deserve to know what sort of shenanigans are going on here.)

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Pedophiles, pornography and prison: a not-so-brief response to John Grisham

Trigger warning: This post includes a rather blunt discussion of child sexual abuse.


In a recent interview with the Guardian, the entirety of which can be found here, John Grisham said this:


"We have prisons now filled with guys my age. Sixty-year-old white men in prison who've never harmed anybody, would never touch a child," he said in an exclusive interview to promote his latest novel Gray Mountain which is published next week.


"But they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn."


I stumbled onto this controversy when I saw this post by The Wicked Witch of East Anglia. Without even reading the article, I knew precisely what had happened to rock John Grisham's world: some friend of his had been prosecuted for possession of child pornography. 


I've mentioned this before, but for my new followers and people who have forgotten, I have been a child abuse prosecutor since 1996. In the last eighteen years, I've prosecuted hundreds of men who were hands-on offenders, who sexually abused infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school children and beyond. I've also prosecuted more than my fair share of men who were in possession of child pornography. I know a lot about this subject.


A great deal more than John Grisham, as it happens.


There is a lot to unpack in Grisham's statement, but let me begin with the obvious problem: he is not objective. He is drawing all of his conclusions about fairness/unfairness based upon his personal opinion of what happened to his friend, and his personal discomfort with the fact that it is men who are just like him - "sixty year old white men" - who are in prison for possession of child pornography. This, my friends, is what we call entitlement.


It's a variant of the "No True Scotsman" fallacy. In other words: this man is like me, I am not a criminal, ergo this man is no true criminal. Corollaries of this fallacy include the "why don't you go after real criminals" fallacy (i.e., my friend/family member is a good guy. Good guys are not criminals, therefore why don't you go after real criminals - no matter what the crime might have been that he committed), and the "he just needs help" fallacy (i.e., my friend/family member is a decent man. Decent men don't do things like this unless they are having a mental breakdown. Ergo, he just needs help. Again, no matter what crime he has committed).


I will wager, right here, right now, a stack of John Grisham books that John Grisham has no freaking idea what kind of pornography his friend was actually downloading. Because here is the other thing that I know from years of prosecution - he got all his information from his friend. He has not actually seen the images/videos that were located on his friend's computer. How do I know this? Well, duh. The police don't - can't in fact - show anyone the content of the images seized. Because to do so is a crime in and of itself. Only members of law enforcement, the prosecution team, or the defense team are permitted to view the images. He is relying on his friend's statement about what he did to inform his judgment on how fair it is.


Let me let you all in on a secret. Sometimes criminals lie about what they did. They minimize. They are desperate, and being honest about the gravity and the heinousness of their crimes is not in their best interest. If I had a nickle for every guy who went to prison for raping an eight year old who told his friends that "she was sixteen, and she came on to me," I'd be a wealthy woman indeed.


I've been doing this a long time. I can count on zero hands the number of prosecuted offenders who just a few images of individuals in their late teens on their computers. Zero hands, as in zeee-fucking-ro. This is for a couple of reasons: 1) establishing that the offender "knew" that victim was under 18 is an element of the offense; and 2) establishing that the victim actually was under 18 is an element of the offense. So, if you believe that you are viewing pornography of a 16 year old, but it turns out she is actually 24, that's not a crime. And if you believe that you are viewing pornography of a 24 year old, but she is actually 16, that's not actually a crime either. It is only when the offender is "aware" that he is viewing pornography of someone who is underage AND she is actually underage that it is a crime.


Is it possible that there are a few cases in which this occurred. Sure. But it is far more likely that his friend had ten thousand images of child pornography on his computer, including torture porn, bondage porn, and, even, animal porn, with children who are elementary school age or younger. Because, for the most part, prosecutions occur when men download images/videos of very, very, very young children who cannot be mistaken for adult females. Or it means that the image is of an identified victim - one whose name we know and the date on the image is verifiably her before she turned 18.


This whole idea that we are imprisoning unsophisticated old white guys who just stumble upon a website where there is a seventeen year old girl nekkid girl, consensually cavorting about with men her own age, yeah, that's some bull shit right there.


I have had the misfortune, because of my job, to view a damned lot of child pornography. It is terrible stuff, especially the videos. Sometimes they have audio, and one is confronted with the visceral reality that these children are crying, and begging not to have to do it. It will burn into your brain and it will not let go. Sometimes they are drugged, and are barely conscious. Sometimes they are hit and beaten. Often the children in them have the empty eyes of the emotionally broken and dead, and the bruised, skinny bodies of the neglected and hungry. The normal human response to those videos is horror, and pain, and a deep sadness and empathy for the children in them.


Calling it "child pornography," actually, diminishes its awfulness and gives it legitimacy because, when they think of it at all, people who are unfamiliar with the reality mentally picture it as looking just like adult pornography, but involving smaller participants. Calling it kiddie porn, as we so often do, trivializes it, especially since we have culturally decided to expand the meaning of the word "porn" to include things like food porn (images of extremely delicious looking food) and fashion porn (images of beautiful women wearing gorgeous clothes) and book porn (images of mouth-wateringly beautiful libraries) Porn - that word - it has a modern meaning, and that meaning is all positive. Porn = desirable.


Child pornography looks nothing like adult pornography. It looks like exploitation. It looks like violence.


These videos glorify the rape of children. They are images of terrible, horrifying crimes. They document the murder of the soul of a child. The idea that men get off on this stuff is vile and nauseating. In addition, no one is "entrapping" these guys into going out onto the internet and playing hide and seek with law enforcement. They know that what they are doing is wrong. They know that what they are doing is disgusting, and is likely to end with them in prison.


Anyone who thinks that viewing child pornography is a victimless crime needs to read this: In Court, A Victim Gives Voice To Sex Abuse. John Grisham needs to read it. The young woman about whom the article was written was sexually abused by her father. He was sentenced to 30 years for sexually abusing her. He filmed his crimes, which have been uploaded to the internet, and which are referred to by child protection experts as the "Vicky" series. Vicky is not her real name, but the videos of the Vicky series are everywhere. They cannot be controlled. They will never be wiped from this earth. This is what she says about knowing this:


“I wonder if the people I know have seen these images,” the woman wrote, according to the statement, which was read by a senior assistant district attorney, Kateri A. Gasper. “I wonder if the men I pass in the grocery store have seen them. Because the most intimate parts of me are being viewed by thousands of strangers, and traded around, I feel out of control. They are trading my trauma around like treats at a party, but it is far from innocent. It feels like I am being raped by each and every one of them.”


John Grisham's friend got three lousy years for his behavior. She, and the other children whose images he, and people like him, watched, and masturbated to, and I'm sorry for being blunt, but we all know that is exactly what was going on while he watched those images, those victims got a life sentence of horror from the abuse itself and a life sentence of knowing that, even when they are all grown up and can't be hurt anymore, all over the world, legions of men that they have never met will ejaculate while watching them plead with their rapists to please not make them do it.


So, yeah, three years in prison sounds like a pretty small price to pay for that shit.

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A truly heartwarming story (not!)

Perdition - Ann Aguirre

Ladies and Germs, here I present to you a story of true love and gory killings set in the wonderful, idyllic place of the Conglomerate's high security prison where inmates are send there for life.


Isn't it wonderful?



The main characters and perfectly adjusted human beings;


Dresdemona Devos; Dred was thrown in prison after having become single handed the most feared female serial killer in the known Galaxy. She is the newly appointed Queen of a miserable piece of space in the prison that has no guards and whose only rules are survival of the fittest. She climbed through power by killing the former ruler in the most gruesome way imaginable. Dred rules her demesne with an iron fist and shows her enemies no mercy.


Jael; This man is the product of a laboratory experiment in hopes of creating a super soldier. He is almost a hundred years old and has worked as a mercenary after having escape the lab and murdered the scientist doing experiments on him. He was a character in the Sirantha Jax series and he appeared in Doubleblind. The gist is he betrayed Jax and then for some reason or another he took March, Jax's lover, place in a prison where he served for almost 30 years until his genetic disparities where discover and he was thrown into Perdition for "safe keeping." Jael is a mean son of a bitch who has worked as a mercenary for more than 50 years and vows he will break out of Perdition because no jail will ever hold him for long. He joins Dred's territory soon realizing that it is the smartest choice.


The story;


Aguirre pulls no punches, this book is one long and gory mess at times. There is no one innocent in Perdition, there is no such thing as remorse or flowers and sunshine. This story is dark and gritty and horribly in tune with the reality of how a prison where the worst of the worst get thrown into with no supervision should be. 


At its core The Dred Chronicles is not hard sci-fi but rather Space Opera as there isn't an emphasis in technology but that was just fine with me. I get bore with books that get overly technical, I rather read Space Opera. There is ton of deadly drama aboard the prison ship as gangs fight one another for territory and the best thing that can happen for Dred is recruiting Jael as he becomes key in helping her against her enemies. And believe me this people are scary, these men are hardened criminals that don't have an ounce of goodness in them. There are plenty of action scenes and skirmishes, anyone can die at any time.


Dred and Jael form a relationship that is both slow and believable and... you are going to think I am crazy but.... it is actually kind of touching. That's crazy because these two people have no remorse, they are the perfect anti heroes with some of the darkest past but here I am cheering that they break out and go out into space together.


The prose:


Unfortunately I can see why Aguirre might have lost readers in the first couple of chapters, her prose doesn't come up to scratch until mid way through. But if you persist and stick to it she finds her pace and it is a fantastic story to read. 


In conclusion:


I was looking for a fast paced story set in space or fantasy genre and I found it, this book really sated my thirst for a take no prisoners heroine and a hardened Alpha male that does not look down on women. Ann Aguirre is definitely an author I am willing to read more books from and I will definitely pick up her Sirantha Jax series.

A not so beautiful mess...

The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost

This book was a mess but at least it provide me with something else to think about besides life at the moment.


Unfortunately, this book reads like the first draft of what could be a good series. Frost went a little overboard with the religious overtones and it didn't seamlessly blended into the story very well. All the characters where sad caricatures and I do admit to having skimmed more than once around useless dialogue.


The chemistry between the main romantic couple was forced instead of natural and I ended up hating on Adrian and his little boy ways. He sends Ivy all kinds of mixed messages and I can't forgive him for having chocked her to get her powers to react no matter how much Ivy reasoned her way out of her anger.


Most of the time the plot runs around like a chicken with its head cut off much like its supposedly smart and brave heroine who is really just a dumb girl. I was annoyed at how with no training whatsoever she was able to fight off demons and how loopholes just appeared for her to succeed. That does not make for a very good story because it reads like the author wants the character to win no matter what impossible odds are presented.


Overall, I was expecting more and didn't get it but at least it served me as a distraction.

Bound to Accept Unbanned...NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON!!!!!

You can now get BOUND TO ACCEPT on Amazon! (At least, for now.)

I made some changes and they allowed the book to be published!!!! :')

You can get it here:

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me, gave me advice, and supported me!

Oh my gosh, I am so happy!!!!!

BOUND TO ACCEPT Has Been Banned from Amazon

My new erotica novel, BOUND TO ACCEPT--a consensual erotica novel between two childhood friends-turned-lovers--has been banned from Amazon, and so will not be released as scheduled.



This is a total kick in the pants for me, because this is the second of my books to be banned. The first was TERRORSCAPE, which can only be purchased on Smashwords.


Due to these unforeseen circumstances, the only place you will be able to buy BOUND TO ACCEPT is from Smashwords:


I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind of tiring but not in the good way

Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James

It's really weird for me to like a menage book but I liked this one. It was fun for like 40% of the way through until it blurred into a haze of blowjobs, lube and double penetration antics that involve some pain. It ruins the scenes for me whenever an author introduces pain during penetrative sex, it just turns me off and well that started to happened at about 50% of the way through when Channing and Colby have buttsex and the pain scared me off. It was a fun book, some good sex scenes in the beginning, some good dialogue but not too much substance mostly just sex which is okay but it got tiring.

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